Discrepant Records -Release April 2023

Codsi continues his personal exploration of Arabic music codes, mainly investigating quarter tones scales in an fully electronic environment in order to create new harmonies and textures that still convey a feeling of familiarity whilst keeping a certain aura of strangeness and mystery.

The album was recorded between during 2021 and 2022 and the music eventually comes as a very personal quest for transcendence. A sort of speculative answer to the world’s ongoing absurdity and what seems to be an incessant array of conflicts, disasters and tragedies.


Ruptured Records 2022

‘The Silence Between the New World and The Aftermath” deploys a series of poignant musical vignettes, reflecting different events in Codsi’s life, where the political and the personal are often intertwined; where fragments of songs meander into instrumental noisescapes; where the analog meets the digital; where electric guitars, rudimentary synths and disembodied voices contort around one another gracefully at first, then less and less so.


Works and Coincidences
Re-release 2021 (Freehand publishing)

Works and Coincidences is Codsi’s second album originally self released in 2013 before being released by Freehand publishing in 2021


LUMI – Eternity (2021)

Eternity signs the return of the duo after their acclaimed album ‘The night was a liar’ in 2017.

All four songs were written between 2019 and 2021 – while our home country Lebanon and the rest of the world went through unprecedented turmoil. ‘Eternity’ is rooted in the feelings and emotions triggered by these strange times.

La Grande Nuit (Original Soundtrack)

La Grande Nuit is the first film by French Egyptian director Sharon Hakim.

The score was created by Marc Codsi and Aghiad Ghanem

ZALFA – Fi Dam (2019)

Fi Dam is the first album of the duo comprised of French Syrian singer Zalfa Seurat and Marc Codsi

The Album was released with the french label Weareunique Records

A New World – Annihaya Records (2019)

A New World is Marc Codsi’s third solo album.

From the acceptance of the deficiencies of our world derives a necessity to create “A New World”.
This album explores this process of transformation.
It is a search that uses movement and stillness to attempt to reach a space where reality can make sense again.

LUMI – The Night was a Liar (Studio Keeward) 2017

The Night Was a Liar is Lumi’s second Full Length Album, 10 years after the release of the first one.

The Album was recorded in Montreal and produced by Radwan Moumneh (Jerusalmen in my heart)

Maryam Saleh & Zeid Hamdan – Halawella (Mostakell Records)

This first album of collaboration between Egyptian singer Maryam Saleh and Lebanese composer Zeid Hamdan,

The Album was produced by Marc Codsi

Zeid and the Wings – Aasfeh

Aasfeh is the first album of Lebanese band Zeid and the Wings lead by singer songwriter Zeid Hamdan

The album was produced by Marc Codsi

Marc Codsi – Faded Postcards

Faded Postcards is the first solo album of Marc Codsi

LUMI – Two Tears in Water (Virgin records)

Two tears in Water is Lumi’s first full length album.

Released in 2007 with Virgin records (EMI Music), it captured the sound of a generation of Lebanese.

Scrambled Eggs – Peace is Overrated & War Misunderstood

Scrambled Eggs fifth album released on Ruptured Records

Scrambled Eggs – Happy Together Filthy Forever

Scrambled Eggs’s Fourth Album